Royal Jelly Dispenser tube 12 x 10g


Royal Jelly Dispenser tube

Royal jelly in dispenser tube. Guarantees swift and direct effect.
Packaging: 12 dispenser tubes of 10gram



Melapi Gelée Royale is now available in 10-gram syringes. Because the quantity has tripled, you now have enough for a full 10-day regimen. Take 1 gram every day.
Regimen:fresh royal jelly packaged in a convenient dosing tube.


Each dosing tube contains 10 grams of pure royal jelly. The recommended dose is 1 gram per day. A regime lasts 10 days. It is possible to take several regimens in succession, without danger of addiction.


Break the cap of the syringe and push the pestle a few strokes further. Collect the drop (1 gram) in a spoon. Take the jelly immediately or mix it with some honey, yogurt or fruit juice. Preferably before breakfast.


The royal jelly comes directly from the hive and has not undergone any processing. Always store the royal jelly in the original box in the refrigerator. Use an opened syringe within 10 days. Unopened syringes can be kept longer in the refrigerator. See expiration date

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